Mudita Forum

Mudita Forum is a moderated discussion group for individuals with an interest both in Ayn Rand's ideas (such as her philosophy of Objectivism) and in the consciousness-raising practices associated with Eastern thinking.

The forum was founded in 2003 by Joshua Zader, who blogs at Mudita Journal. As of May 2012, the forum has twenty-five members and discussion volume is commonly ten to forty messages per month.


The purpose of Mudita Forum is to provide a stimulating, thoughtful environment for discussing Eastern consciousness-raising practices — such as meditation, mindfulness, and the cultivation of presence — while using Objectivism as a basic philosophical frame-of-reference.

Who Should Subscribe

If you are interested in Objectivism and in Eastern ideas, we'd love to have you to join us. Many of our members have experience with meditation, and are interested in exploring its value in the context of a rational philosophy.

We're here to explore promising, uncharted territory in the path to personal growth, in a spirit of open inquiry. If you are motivated to expose the irrationality of Buddhism or other Eastern ideas, please don't subscribe. Although we might agree with some of your criticisms, the "debunking" mindset is not consistent with the spirit of this list.

How to Subscribe

New members are subscribed manually by the moderator. Below are instructions for getting yourself added.

Per our policy, each new member begins by making a contribution to the group. In particular, please begin by introducing yourself and telling us about your background, including any Eastern teachings, ideas, or practices — and especially books! — that you personally have found valuable.

To join the forum, please send a posting to mudita-forum (at) (Subject: "Mudita Forum Introduction") with your self-introduction. For instance, you might want to write about:

Short introductions of a couple paragraphs are sufficient, but longer introductions are welcome and sure to be enjoyed!

The moderator will subscribe you once you submit your introduction, and then your posting will be distributed to the group.

We look forward to having you as a member.

Some old archives

Topical Discussion of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now (completed 2003)

Topical Discussion of Ken McLeod's book Wake Up to Your Life (completed 2003)