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PDF - Strategic Overview of the War on Terror

August 27, 2004

Steven Den Beste's "Strategic Overview of the War on Terror" (original HTML version here) provides "a high level strategic view of the cause of the war, the reason that the United States became involved in it, the fundamental goals the US has to achieve to win it, and the strategies the US is following, as well as an evaluation of the situation as of July, 2003."

The document has been widely linked and praised as a valuable resource for understanding the war on terror and, by extension, the war in Iraq. Unfortunately, the HTML version of the document is also rather hard to print and read.

Because of the document's relevance to the current election cycle, I have reformatted the document, performed very light editing (mostly spell-checking), and converted it into a 14-page PDF file that can be easily downloaded, printed, and distributed. Here is the link to the resultant file:

Please feely download, mirror, link to, print out, and distribute the file in whatever ways you find useful.

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