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Sheet Music

When I began learning guitar, I benefited greatly from the generosity of other guitarists, who took the time to write down chords and tablature for the OnLine Guitar Archive. (OLGA). These days, OLGA can't give out full lyrics for fear of copyright lawsuits.

As my skills grew, I got better at hearing the chords in a song myself and became dissatisfied with the transcriptions available for many of my favorite songs. I started making my own transcriptions, usually summarized on one page so they'd be easy to glance at while practicing.

Below are a few of those transcriptions. Each includes chords and lyrics. Where necessary, I've also included tablature and/or chord charts.

My Girl (The Temptations, 1964) - Because all the other transcriptions sucked.... And it's a stylin' song.

At the Stars (Better than Ezra, 1998) - The upbeat hit from their otherwise abysmal album How does Your Garden Grow? Fortunately there are tons of used copies available for next to nothing.

Fast Car (Tracy Chapman, 1987) - This song's rootsy lyrics and pretty guitar line make me feel warm inside. It's from Chapman's first album, Talkin' Bout a Revolution. My transcription includes tab.

I'm Gonna Getcha Good (Shania Twain, 2002) - A new one that includes the lead and backup vocals. Kathy introduced me to Shania's music shortly after we met. Boy, do Shania and Mutt come up with some good tunes! This one's from Up!

Kathy's Song (Paul Simon, 1966) - This was one of the first songs I tried to learn, as a freshman in college, and it took many months before I could figure out the fingerpicking. I was never able to find good tablature online, so the tab here is original, and pretty darned accurate. It's still one of my favorite songs to play. Incidentally, this is the lush studio version from Sounds of Silence, not the stripped-down live version included on S&G's Greatest Hits.

Lyin' Eyes (The Eagles, 1975) - This one's fun to play in a group since almost everyone knows the melody. It's from the Eagles' One of These Nights, although it's also on their Greatest Hits Vol I.

Overs (Paul Simon, 1968) - The guitar part in this song is so beautiful that it stands quite well on its own, without vocals. From the Simon & Garfunkle album Bookends. The tablature for this one is originally from OLGA, I think.

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